for August, 2018

Evonik’s BL Silica Expands the Representation of Kohl Marketing, Inc.

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Evonik’s Business Line Silica has expanded the representation of Kohl Marketing, Inc.  In addition to being the authorized distributor of fumed silica, fumed metal oxides, precipitated silica and dispersions sold under the brand names of AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE®, SIPERNAT® and AERODISP®, Kohl Marketing will become the authorized distributor of precipitated silica and alumino silicates with brand names such as ZEOFREE®, ZEOTHIX®, ZEOLEX® AND ZEOFOAM®.

Kohl Marketing, Inc. has been a distributor for Evonik’s synthetic silicas and silanes in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Southwestern United States for more than 40 years.  Together, Evonik and Kohl Marketing are committed to providing a high level of customer service to our customers.